Dystopian Realities of Regents Scoring

So, this year my school isn’t providing per-session for after school tutoring. After talking with some other math teachers, I decided to try out Regents scoring.

There is nothing more demoralizing than grading a student’s exam who, having filled the entire page with notes and possible solutions, had absolutely nothing mathematically logical written.

This isn’t going to go into yet another unproductive rant about the state of math education. But it makes me feel so hard for the kids. This failed regents is another source of failure for them, yet another layer of objective determination that they are incapable. I don’t blame them for hating school and not seeing the value of a formal education.

On another side note, this is the first weekend I’ve worked since starting teaching four years ago. It feels very peculiar. I’m not happy about missing training but I get some masochistic pleasure out of fucking myself over. Cheers to 14 more hours of this.


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