Underhook Clamp Series

Blowin’ minds out here.

Class notes from roughly  1/23 – 2/2/2017

  • Excellent position that allows for several different types of submissions depending on what game you play.
  • Most important aspect of the position is to control the rotation of the shoulder joint.

Set up:

Bottom of closed guard. Person is being a douche and is stalling with two arms on your chest.


  1. Blade of right wrist blocks their left wrist on your torso.
  2. Left hand reaches across and grabs their left elbow.
  3. Block wrist as you open their elbow.
  4. Right wrist slides up under their armpit – connect hands in a gable grip right on the shoulder joint.
  5. Release feet and shrimp hips out a bit. Bottom knee should be high on their chest and top knee should be right above near shoulder joint.
  6. Use gable grip to create rotational force on the shoulder (twist grip to the mat, pulling bottom elbow across the mat towards your hips.) Make sure knees are pinching together – this helps secure the position and puts considerably more pressure on the shoulder.
  7. From this position, you can go into kimuras (bend their arm and rotate their hand so it’s on your far hip – figure four & turn shoulders towards the mat), straight arm bars (guide their hand to your shoulder – pinch between shoulder and ear. Use bottom forearm on tricep to roll your arm towards the mat – helps take slack out of shoulder. Top elbow and bottom elbow overlap their elbow – bridge) or omoplatas (break their posture (head should be on mat), throw top leg over their head on near side & keep pressure on shoulder. Recover bottom leg, switch feet to face the outside. Immediately grab their far hip to prevent them from rolling out of position. Scoot hips away and pull them into the space created. Lean up to whisper in their ear.)
  8. If they post their far arm, an excellent triangle setup is there.


Lots ‘o details be missin’. This is what I get for slackin’ on the note taking.


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